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(en)lightening talk with Dr Oles Andriychuk - 3 February 2022

On the 3rd of February (h. 14.00-15.00), Dr Oles Andriychuk (University of Strathclyde) will present on "A new procompetitive regime for digital markets: decoding the UK Government's public consultation"


Digital competition law is an emerging and rapidly evolving field. It combines harmoniously and in a unique way the elements of traditional competition law and sector specific regulation. The need for such a new field is explained by the inability of the established mechanisms of competition law (regulating anticompetitive agreements; unilateral abuses of dominant position; and mergers) to deliver for digital markets effective protection and promotion. The traditional understanding of the role and function of the law regulating economic competition does not capture all the specificities of the digital economy. A situation, in which any regulatory interference into market processes is fully dependent on establishing an infringement (preventative mode of competition law) can only remedy digital markets’ imperfections sporadically and in a fragmentary way. The normative notion of digital markets’ self-correction, justifying non-intervention, is at best illusory. The paramount importance of these markets for the entire economy, and a big gap between the dynamics of their development on one hand and legislative responses on the other, requires a more systemic, coordinated and strategic regulatory engagement (proactive mode of competition law). Remarkably, the new area of digital competition law is emerging simultaneously in various jurisdictions. The UK is at the avant-garde of these processes. This presentation will analyse the newly proposed CMA Digital Markets Unit as envisaged by the ongoing UK Government public consultation.

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory. You can register here

Oles is Senior Lecturer in Competition and Internet Law. He is also Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law and Policy, Director of the Strathclyde LLM in Internet Law & Policy/IT & Telecommunications Law, and Convenor of Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law and Policy monthly webinar series.

He tweets as @oandriychuk1.

The event will be moderated by Jurgita Malinauskaite, Professor of Law at Brunel, University London.

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