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SCOTLIN Conference

Each year SCOTLIN will organise a paper-based conference for fostering the debate and knowledge exchange on law and innovation

The annual SCOTLIN conference is structured a a 2-day forum for discussion. Each partner organisation and individual members will be encouraged to present their works, which can have an academic, educational, and practical relevance. Contributions might consist of draft papers or accepted papers. We will invite contributions coherent with the theme of ‘Sustainable Innovation and Law in a PostCOVID World’.

The diversity in the participants will be ensured by means of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion bursaries to incentivise participation of colleagues from underrepresented groups. Participants from each institution should be balanced in terms of gender and stage of career.​

The first annual SCOTLIN conference will be held at the University of Stirling in January 2022 and the second edition at the University of Aberdeen in January 2023.


In addition to the main conference, SCOTLIN will also organise an event specifically tailored for early career researchers and PhD students: the SCOTLIN Early Career Scholars Symposium. During this event, participants will submit their current unpublished research. The discussants – more senior Scotland-based experts in law and innovation – will read the papers in advance and, at the symposium, they will comment on them suggesting ideas and strategies to develop the research. Early career researchers will be invited to reflect on how their research can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Scottish National Outcomes.

The symposium will be held at the University of Edinburgh in the summer of 2022.