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Professor Vinícius Almada Mozetic


Vinícius Almada Mozetic is a permanent Professor on the Master 's and Doctorate Program in Fundamental Rights at the Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina - Unoesc- Brazil. He is also a Professor on the course “Fundamental Civil Rights in Society of Information and a Consulting Member of the Coordination of Technology and Innovation of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association In January of 2022, he became an investigator of CEDIS - Center of Investigation & Development about Law and Society from NOVA School of Law - Portugal. Dr. Vinicius is a member of the Digital Rights Commission on the Order of Lawyers of Brazil - Section of the state of Santa Catarina - Brazil. He holds a postdoctoral and a doctoral degree on Public Law. Vinicius’s interests in research are in the field of digitalization of courts, privacy rights, the protection of data, regulamentation of IA, interpretative methods and compared law. His doctoral thesis focuses on legal hermeneutics of post-modern technology, laying emphasis especially in the matter of comprehension, interpretation and application of Law”.

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