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Muhammed Nurullah Benli


After graduating from the Ankara University Law School with Bachelor's degree in 2016 he was hired by the Internet Service Providers Associations of Turkey (ESB) where he was engaged in the establishment and maintaining of the communication channels between the access and content providers of internet in order for the Turkish courts' decisions given on the violation of civil rights in and through internet to be implemented properly. One and half years later from his first day at ESB, he applied to and was awarded the scholarship by the National Education Ministry of Turkey for LLM and PhD studies in the UK. Before heading to the far north of the UK, the University of Aberdeen, in 2021 to start his PhD, he completed the LLM course in the far south of the UK, at the University of Sussex in 2019. His doctoral research focuses on the application of State sovereignty over cyberspace under international law.

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