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Matteo Frigeri


Matteo Frigeri is currently a researcher at CREATe, University of Glasgow. He has a MA in Cultural Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and an Advanced LLM in IP and ICT law (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Ku Leuven). He also obtained an LLB in English law (University of London). During his formative years, he has been pursuing working experience in different roles in the cultural sector. This includes the Peggy Guggenheim collection (Venice), Sotheby’s (Brussels) and 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair (London). He also interned as an accredited journalist in the EU Parliament under the supervision of Stefano Valentino. Before joining CREATe as a full-time researcher, he spent more than two years working as a Copyright Coordinator at Christie’s auction house (London).
Matteo’s research interests are in the areas of IP, ICT, and Competition law. He recently wrote his master’s thesis on Design law, exploring the debate on the immaterial exploitation of design rights. He is currently working at CREATe on a one-year project – “The Law and Economics of e-Lending in Europe” - funded by the Knowledge Rights 21/Arcadia. The project focuses on understanding how the different markets underpinning the most widely used e-lending models function, adopting concepts and principles developed both by European and national competition authorities. It then assesses, from a competition law perspective, whether a reasonable and demonstrable cause for concern currently exists.

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