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Dr Tristan Henderson


Tristan Henderson is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews. He has worked in the broad area of networked communications for two decades. His research aims to better understand user behaviour in networked systems and use this to build improved systems; an approach which has involved measurements and testbeds for networked games, wireless networks, mobile sensors, smartphones, online social networks and opportunistic networks. Most recently his work has moved into the privacy and ethical aspects of such research, which has led in turn to an interest in the law, and how technology, ethics and the law can be jointly used to regulate behaviour.

Tristan holds an MA in Economics from Cambridge University, an MSc and PhD in Computer Science from University College London, and an LLM in Innovation, Technology and the Law from Edinburgh University. He serves or has served on the YoungScot Data Advisory Group, JANET UK Wireless Advisory Group, the NetGames steering committee, the ACM SIGCOMM Exec and was a JISC Research Data Champion. Perhaps his activity with the highest impact is the co-founding of CRAWDAD, the world's largest wireless network data archive. For more information, see and

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