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Dr Mo Egan


Mo was admitted as a solicitor by the Law Society of Scotland in 2007. After a short time in practice, she went on to research the policing of money laundering funded by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research, where it was clear that there was a tension between the regulatory burden placed on non-state entities and the rights and obligations owed to the individual. A central feature of that research was the evolving relationships between public and private actors in the enforcement of criminal law. Such relationships become all the more complex in digital space. In 2018, with funding from the Institute of Philosophy, Mo co-organised (with Professor Rowan Cruft) a conference on "Privacy in the New Public Sphere, its Value and its Threats". Mo is a member of The Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance, and Privacy (CRISP) and continues to research the nature and scope of the right to privacy in the context of criminal law

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