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Dr Jonathan Brown


Jonathan Brown is a Senior Lecturer in Scots Law at the University of Stirling (since August 2022) and has previously held lecturing positions at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (where he obtained his doctorate in 2021), and the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. He considers himself to be a private law generalist and his written widely on issues of Scots jurisprudence and legal practice. He has acted as an academic consultant for the Law Society of Scotland, most recently on the working group concerned with Advance Choices and Medical Decision-Making in Intensive Care Situations, and has served as a trustee for the Scottish Universities Law Institute (SULI) since 2019.

Dr. Brown’s research interests are primarily in the history and taxonomy of the Scots legal system, concerning means of applying the distinct legal institutions and institutional concepts of the jurisdiction to solve practical (and sometimes novel) problems. To that end, his published work has concerned (amongst other things) remedies for the sharing of non-consensual pornography, the ongoing significance of the Court of Session’s parens patriae jurisdiction in cases concerning the withdrawal of medical treatment from terminally ill infants, and the utility of the Roman idea of negotiorum gestio in modern medical practice. At present, Dr. Brown is working on a monograph on the topic of Actio Iniuriarum: The Action for Dignitary Affront, as well as (with Professor John Blackie) the “Province and Function of the Law of Delict” chapter in the SULI looseleaf volume on Delict. His PhD thesis concerned the question of legal regulation of dead bodies and body parts within the Scottish legal system.

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