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Dr Andrew Tickell


Andrew is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Glasgow Caledonian University. Andrew teaches criminal law, the law of evidence and miscarriages of justice and is interested in the intersections between fundamental rights, devolution, and law reform.

He has contributed written and oral evidence several times to committees of the Scottish Parliament, and has worked with the Scottish Government, individual MSPs and third sector organisations and campaigners on law reform projects.
He is also interested in media law. Alongside his academic interests, Andrew works as a freelance writer and broadcaster on politics and law. He also trains journalism students in key issues in publishing, including defamation law, contempt of court and privacy.

Since 2020, his main research has focused on the press, broadcast and social media regulation of complainer anonymity in sexual offence cases. In September 2020, he co-founded the Campaign for Complainer Anonymity at GCU with Seonaid Stevenson. Working with students, and drawing on quantitative survey data and comparative research of over twenty jurisdictions, the campaign advocates for the introduction of automatic reporting restrictions in sexual offence cases in Scotland, learning the best lessons from international experience after the #MeToo and #LetHerSpeak campaigns.

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