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Cheryl Warden


Cheryl is commencing their SGSAH-funded PhD at the University of Stirling in 2022. Their research focuses on digital distance learning and the use of technology by corporate copyright rights-holders to privatise education through backdoors. Prior to applying for the PhD they completed their LLB at the University of Strathclyde. Followed by an LLM in Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy (2017), and MRes Law (2018) from the School of Law, University of Glasgow.
In 2018 they published the research paper: 'The Implications of GS Media v. Sanoma Media Netherlands’ ‘New Public’ for Digital Distance Learning: A comparative analysis of the UK's and Portugal’s implementation of the Infosoc Directive’s Art.3(1) Communication to the Public Right and Art.5(3)(a) Teaching Exception'
Cheryl also has research interests in the use of technology to surveil internet user’s consumption of in-copyright content; aspects of lobbying relating to copyright policymaking, and the historical evolution of copyright law from the Renaissance era to the digital age. This is primarily in the context of access to information for educational purposes.

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